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The department of Computer Science is proud of its excellent facilities and internationally qualified faculty members along with its peer departments at Islamabad,Lahore, Wah, Attock, Sahiwal and Vehari.

Computer Science is the methodical study of processes for problem solving. The focus of computer science program at COMSATS Abbottabad is to develop the understanding of these processes and to program computers to efficiently process important tasks

The department aims to equip its students with hands on knowledge and competitive skills so that they can shine as brilliant programmers, exceptional researchers, outstanding problems solvers and innovative designers. In the era with rapid technological advancements, Computer Science department is committed to train its students with advanced aptitude required to manage the growth needs of science and technology.

The department is proud for providing quality and variety in computer equipment; which are available for students’ use. It provides modern computer facilities including a preparatory computer lab, a research lab and a graduate student lab. Various tools including multiple programming languages, databases, 3D graphics, parallel and distributed processing tools, networking and web development tools are available in our computer labs. All of the computing equipments have access to the Internet via CIIT’s Internet connection.

Students may plan assist teaching faculty or plan further study in any of a variety of fields. Assistance ship develops interaction with departmental faculty, which is an important benefit that CIIT offers. Additionally, students and faculty attend social events and international conferences like Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT) regularly conducted every year.

We are offering BS in Computer Science, BS in Telecommunications and Networks and BS in Software engineering at undergraduate level. Our graduate programs include MS in Computer Science and similarly we have Doctoral program in Computer science. We are planning to start few more specializations in future.

Research activities are being conducted on a high priority within the department. This has resulted in national and international recognition for our faculty and students alike. A number of research papers of national and international repute have been published in leading journals and presented at conferences all over the world.  CIIT has dedicated research groups working in the areas of Cloud and Grid Computing, Communication Systems, Wireless Networks, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Security Systems.